What we do?



Nicolas Maystre

With the support of the Committee, Mr. Maystre  is mainly in charge of representing the UNRC in its interaction with the Coordinating Council, the Commission of Sports or other stakeholders.


Judith Leclercq (UNCTAD)

As the secretary of the UNRC, Mrs. Leclercq is mainly in charge of maintaining the list of UNRC runners, in collaboration with the treasurer. She will send remainder(s) regarding the payment of the annual fee due to the UNRC. She will also be in charge of communicating information and decisions taken by the Committee to members (by e-mails, notice board, online in collaboration with the webmaster). She will finally ensure that all important information is transmitted to the webmaster of the UNRC.


Alexandra Laurent (UNCTAD)

Mrs Laurent will be in charge of maintaining the accounts of the UNRC on a regular basis (payment of annual fees, expenses, etc.). She will update the list of UNRC members in accordance with the payment of annual fees and inform the President and the Secretary about changes. Furthermore, she will be in charge of the payment of bills incurred by the Club. In addition, she will make sure that bulletins de versement are made available in the 2 "official" changing rooms (male/female) in the E-building, so that annual fees can be easily paid by members.


Additional positions

/!\ We are looking for someone to replace JUDITH LECLERCQ /!\
RICHARD CHALVERAT will be in charge of the website (webmaster) and all related-IT-issues. He will be in charge of creating an electronic platform for the UNRC, which will serve as a media for members to find information and exchange among others.

WALID DAHER and JUDITH LECLERCQ will be in charge of the management of all issues occurring in the changing rooms and to take necessary actions to fix them.

Recent events?

  • Assemblée Générale 2018

    The General assembly of the UN Running Club will be held on Thursday 12 April at 12:15 room C529 (near staff council offices - above delegates bar)  


  • Courir sans Borne

    Following the success of the last year's second edition of "Courir sans Borne", the UN Staff Sports Commission at Geneva would like to invite you to participate in the 3rd Edition which will take place on 27 May 2018. There will be three races to choose from: 


  • Walk the Talk: The Health for All Challenge

    World champion runner Haile Gebrselassie to take part in WHO Walk the talk: The Health for All Challenge
    20 May 2018 09:45 – 13:00 As part of celebrations of the World Health Organization’s 70th anniversary in 2018, WHO is staging a major health promotion event in Geneva on the eve of the 71st World Health Assembly. 
    Download the flyer here


  • Message from the UNOG Staff Coordinating Council Inter-Agency Games

    Dear Colleagues,
    We are pleased to share with you the announcement below from the United Nations Staff Sports Commission in Geneva (CSPNU).
    As is traditional, the Staff Council will subsidize the participation of its dues-paying members.
    All staff attending are granted three days of special leave with full pay.
    Good luck to all and bring us back some medals !

Club details


Contact us

President - Maystre Nicolas nicolas.maystre@unctad.org 71848
Secretary - Leclercq Judith     judith.leclercq@unctad.org 72854
Treasurer- Laurent Alexandra alexandra.laurent@unctad.org 75676